We're Good Company

To the moon and back, and still intact

You could say fragile is our specialty. We'll ship more than 2,000,000 open-stock fragile pieces this year, and our breakage rate hovers around 0.5%

Kitting and Bundles

Putting them together early or on demand, our software gives you near infinite flexibility to create product combinations.

Quality Inspection

Retailers need the peace of mind in knowing that the highest quality goods are sent to their customers. We design processes for inspection, segregation, and recuperation for all of our partners.

High SKU Counts

We have 15,000 of our own SKU's, and clients with nearly 3,000. Our software keeps everything segregated and organized, ensuring we can handle all the products and variations our partners can create.

Quick Turn Around

For most inbound shipments, even full truckloads, we're able to have inventory sellable within a few hours.

Same Day Shipping

For orders placed before noon CST, we ship same day, but can ship up to 5:00p CST.

Creative Problem Solving

Great partners should defend each others' business. Our team is excellent at digging into the details of your fulfillment operation and crafting solutions perfectly tailored to your needs.


Instant communication via shared Slack channels ensures you're able to get answers ASAP. Bi-weekly calls ensure we stay prepared. ClickUp ensures we stay accountable to completing projects on time.

Good Company

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